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Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Japanese Box Art

October 5, 2006



Sonic next-gen and Monkey Ball Banana Blitz US Box arts

September 17, 2006

The US box art’s of these two next-gen games have popped at game retail sites like EB games and Gamestop. Check out the little Sonic toy. The Xbox 360 cover might not be final.

Sonic the Hedgehog with Bonus!  Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz

Sonic the Hedgehog with Bonus!

SEGA (pre) Tokyo Game Show Blow-Out: Console Side

September 15, 2006

Sega’s got a whole lot of stuff to be shown for the TGS.

First of all, we got Sega’s official TGS website, which has stuff like their (impressive) line-up.

Second, there’s a whole slew of pics and info at Gamewatch of their console showing. CLICK HERE

Here’s the info I could get from that page (there are pics that go with all of these too!):

  • New Wifi compatible Puyo Puyo game for the DS!
  • Seaman sequel is on the PS2, with a special controller with a built-in mic.
  • SEGA Golf Club for the PS3
  • Bleach game on the Wii
  • Mahjong game on the DS
  • (Some) New Virtua Tennis 3, Monkey Ball BB, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic and the Secret Ring screens
  • Furai no Siren DS (new Fushigi no Duengeon game) screens. It’s also wifi capable

Again, here’s the link!

New Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Mini Game ~ The Fish Catch

September 13, 2006

One of the approximated 50 minigames in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz for Wii is featured at IGN with some brand new screens.

With your fishing trident (remote) in hand, spear the fish that is required in the thought bubbles. Move the Wii-mote left and right as well as up and down and when you have the desired fish in your sights, push the remote forward to spear your fish!


Check out the screens here. 

New Monkey Ball Banana Blitz Wii Screens

August 11, 2006

IGN have some new pics of Sega’s Wii launch title. I personally like the new kinda-cellshaded art style. And notice the boss in the first pic? That’s something new to SMB.

New Super Money Ball Wii Famitsu Scans

August 8, 2006

Looks like the mini-games, like the space flight one, are made with the Wii’s unique controller in mind.

Seems they’ve addressed the problem of jumping with the remote, looks like (can’t read Japanese so I’m not positive) you’ll able to jump by pressing the A button.
The previous problem was that jumping was done by flicking the remote upwards, which would cause you to lose balance since the board tilt was controlled with tilting.

Check out the scans here, courtesy of Games Are Fun.