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Seaman 2 Scans (PS2)

January 19, 2007

Juexfrance have got some new scans featuring Seaman 2 for the PS2.

Although Seaman’s been replaced with a caveman, the gameplay does looks alot more involving, and deeper than simply feeding your virtual pet.

From what I gather from the scans, you can directly interact with Sea/cave man by picking him or flicking him, and you can appearently modifiy the surrounding enviroment. Of course this is all in addition to voice interaction via the included controller with a built-in mic.


Seaman 2 Trailer

September 22, 2006

This time your virtual pet is a cave man! The game comes with it’s own controller that has a mic.

Click here for the vid

SEGA (pre) Tokyo Game Show Blow-Out: Console Side

September 15, 2006

Sega’s got a whole lot of stuff to be shown for the TGS.

First of all, we got Sega’s official TGS website, which has stuff like their (impressive) line-up.

Second, there’s a whole slew of pics and info at Gamewatch of their console showing. CLICK HERE

Here’s the info I could get from that page (there are pics that go with all of these too!):

  • New Wifi compatible Puyo Puyo game for the DS!
  • Seaman sequel is on the PS2, with a special controller with a built-in mic.
  • SEGA Golf Club for the PS3
  • Bleach game on the Wii
  • Mahjong game on the DS
  • (Some) New Virtua Tennis 3, Monkey Ball BB, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic and the Secret Ring screens
  • Furai no Siren DS (new Fushigi no Duengeon game) screens. It’s also wifi capable

Again, here’s the link!

Seaman 2 Heading to DS, Wii?

September 11, 2006

1Up are speculating that the Seaman sequel, previously said to be heading to PS2, will likely end up on either the Nintendo DS or Wii. The DS particulary would be well suited for the game, with it’s built-in mic and wireless features.

It’s said on the official site there’s going to be an announcment on Friday, a day after Nintendo’s Wii event.