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2 Spicy Impressions

May 22, 2007

The gaming blog HDRL has impressions on 2 Spicy, the VS lightgun game. The game sounds really unique.



New Arcade Lightgun Game, 2 Spicy

November 1, 2006


Sega’s released pics and opened the official site to a new lightgun game, 2 Spicy (insert reaction of choice to the name).

The game’s concept seems interesting. It’s a VS based lightgun game. You have two pedals on the floor to control left and right movement, and you hide behind cover (which can be destroyed) by aiming the gun off screen.

I’d personally like to see lightgun games on the Wii. With the remote’s lightgun-like handle attachment, which has an analog stick on it (similar to d-pad on Sega’s Dreamcast Lightgun), it would work well with this game. In fact, it would work well with any lightgun game.

Also, it’s worth noting that Sega are working on an unamed lightgun for the Wii. Could this be it?

Click here for a bunch of screens, and click here for the official site.

via Neogaf