Virtua Tennis 3 First Native 1080p Xbox 360 Game

While the Xbox 360 can upconvert any of it’s games to 1080p, non have ever been natively rendered at that res. Virtua Tennis 3 is set to be the very first game on that system to be rendered natively in 1080p, similar to the PS3 version. Great job, Sumo Digital!


 UPDATE: Smelly ‘ol EA have tried to take away Virtua Tennis’  1080p thunder by announcing that the upcoming NBA Street game on 360 will be the first 1080p game. VT3 is still going to be 60fps though while EA’s game is at 30fps.

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3 Comments on “Virtua Tennis 3 First Native 1080p Xbox 360 Game”

  1. 60Hz Says:

    Sumo seems to be one of the most capable western devs and they seem to fully grasp what i call “the sega style”… outrun for the ps2 was incredible, and now this! I’m dumbfounded…

  2. You’re spot on with the “sega style” comment. You’d think the console ports of Outrun were done by AM2 themselves.

    Some people argue that Sumo are making an even better port than AM2 since they’ve got Xbox Live play on thier version. Although AM2 did say that they don’t have online play on the PS3 due to Sony not supporting them or not defining thier online stucture well for them or something.

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