Sega to Publish Crush by Kujo

Gamefront have a video of a brand new PSP game developed by Kujo and published by Sega. Unlike recent Sega published PSP titles, this one is actually original.

The game concept is amazingly cool, and the video just has to be seen! Your character moves around in a 3d platforming level, you can then transform your 3d space into a 2d platforming game view by “crushing” the 3d platforms. I know that might not make much sense, so you’ll just have to watch the vid!

The story is based around a man who through hypnosis travels inside his mind.

 [Via NeoGaf]

After Battallion Wars Wii, have these guys make a Toy Commander sequel, Sega.

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2 Comments on “Sega to Publish Crush by Kujo”

  1. 60Hz Says:

    I’m happy that games and not just simulations (in the guise of games) are being made. I’ll snag this just because the concept is very imaginative. I think these are the guys that did kula world – that puzzler with the rolling ball on ps1. Great game just the ramp up was frustrating, hopefully they will have a smoother difficulty ramp on this one! Either way it’s a must have for game lovers!

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