New Sonic and the Secret Rings Detail

GoNintendo have post the new details about Sonic’s Wii game that appeared in Games Master, and they sound good.

Game will feature 10 levels, 5 of which are listed below

-Sand Oasis
-Dinosaur Jungle
-Evil Foundry
-Levitated Ruin
-Pirate Storm

Sonic now has customizable skills. It is said that there are somewhere around 100 skills that Sonic can learn. Skills range from how Sonic handles, to his moves, to special abilities. Sonic holds 4 rings that allow for 500 points worth (each) of skills. Experience points are earned through the main game.

One new move slows down time through a soul meter. This move is much like the speed up move we saw in various trailers, but with an opposite outcome.

40 multiplayer games

Each level has 10 missions such as stealth attack, rampage, chain challenge, beat the clock, and more.

Ten levels with ten missions each sounds nice, and the skills system looks interesting.

Here’s hoping this game will meet expectations. In any case, we’ll find out soon enough, as the the game is slated for a Feb 27th US release date, and then a March 2nd release in Europe and on the 15th in Japan (as Sonic to Himitsu no Ring).


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9 Comments on “New Sonic and the Secret Rings Detail”

  1. JoshF Says:

    Sounds cool. I like the concept of score/time attack gameplay rather than another Sonic Adventure-styled sequel. Really, this could be the next NiGHTS.

  2. True. But that’s assuming that they go with scores and not just Sonic Adventure style letter grading.
    Hopefully, and this probably won’t happen, they’ll implement online scoreboards.

  3. Hey, when you hover over usernames you get a snap shot of the url that’s linked. NEATO

  4. Tatoon Says:

    Great and nice weblog. I like it… ’cause i’m a SEGA fanboy too.

  5. Thank you! Good luck with your blog too.

  6. 60Hz Says:

    I’ve dug all the sonic games (and the missions are nothing new they were in previous sonic adventures but they are real fun!) – the skill syste on the other hand sounds like heaven! I will have to buy a Wii (and a PS3 for VF5! I’m gonna be broke!)

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