Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars Coming to the PSP


In Sega’s typical bussiness wisdom they’ve decided that they need to continue their trend of hiring devs release more PSP games based on Sega IPs (Crazy Taxi in this case).  

– Release summer 2007 (europe)
– developed by Sniper Studios
– 2 Player Multiplayer Mode Ad-Hoc (co-op & vs.)
– Crazy Taxi 1 & 2 cities (it looks like only in multiplayer-mode)
– Single Player: Arcade Mode, Time Attack Mode.
– Extras: Crazy Box (16 Mini Games from CT1)
– Extras: Crazy Pyramid (Mini Games from CT2)
– you can record your game on video and save it on Memory Stick.

via NeoGaf (credit to solarplexus for posting translation)


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5 Comments on “Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars Coming to the PSP”

  1. JoshF Says:

    You’re killing us Sega! Oh well, maybe once they’re in a better financial position we’ll start seeing the innovation again.

  2. Thing is, Sega are getting outside US dev to this and many other PSP games. I think all their PSP games, with the exception of that rpg whose name escapes me, were done by outside western devs.
    The main Sega teams in Japan have not revealed much about what they’re working, so hopefully there are going to be some neat surprises from them. [/optimism]

  3. emperorbananaketchup Says:

    Should look promising, though….

  4. 60Hz Says:

    Are these just test projects for western devs?

    Anyway i would love to see a next gen crazy taxi!

  5. Me too!

    What exactly do you mean by test project? Test of the license or of the dev?

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