Ryu ga Gotoku 2 Famitsu Scores

The Yakuza sequel, Ryu ga Gotoku, has recently been reviewed in the latest issue of Famitsu, and it’s gotten some very impressive scores.

The game scored 9 – 10 – 9 -10 (38/40), which is pretty impressive. I’m not one to really put much interest into Famitsu’s scores, but I’m still impressed that the game got such a score, with two 10’s. Maybe the reviewers were just really impressed by the launch goodies.

Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku was one of my favorite games of last year, it was an extremely well done beat ’em up. I certainly can’t wait for the next, but I’m hoping that Sega will actually release it. And who knows, maybe this time we’ll get it without the semi-horrible voice acting. :p

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2 Comments on “Ryu ga Gotoku 2 Famitsu Scores”

  1. JoshF Says:

    I’ve heard Famitsu reviewers are known to be very strict with high scores so this must be good news for Sega.

  2. It’s the same score they gave Twilight Princess.

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