After Burner Climax vids and Impressions

The owner of the blog known as Noooz has got some impressions on what appears to be another Sega arcade hit (in addition to being the sequel one of Sega’s most famous arcade games), After Burner Climax!

The impressions sound good. Plus there are vids he took of the game in action.

Hands-on Impressions

While so far that game hasn’t been announced for console release, I think it has good chance of making it to home consoles. I say this because of how Outrun 2 was ported not once, but twice, to home consoles when it’s release seemed equally uncertain. Add to this the Afterburner game on the PSP, and I can see a home port being a possibility (and perhaps being ported by Sumo Games).

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2 Comments on “After Burner Climax vids and Impressions”

  1. JoshF Says:

    Looks nice. Is that a Galaxy Force II reference I spot in the last video?

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