Sega’s Next Huge Hit, Love and Berry DS game?

Here are some pics of Sega’s DS version of their hugely popular card-based arcade game, Oshare Majou Love and Berry.

The interesting bit about this game is the included card reader the goes into slot-2 of the DS, allowing the same card-reading function found in the arcade game.

Source: Neogaf

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12 Comments on “Sega’s Next Huge Hit, Love and Berry DS game?”

  1. allinthemind Says:

    I still say it looks like Hello Kitty pissed all on it.

  2. Yeah šŸ˜†

    It’s supposedly got around 1 million preorders in Japan

  3. Appearently it’s the girls’ equivalent of the Beetle King game.

  4. allinthemind Says:

    1 million pre orders?? O_O

  5. sickr Says:

    Ha excellent, looks typically Japanese.

    How cute šŸ˜›

  6. JoshF Says:

    The DS doubles as a sticker album.

  7. It looks like Morse code is written with the hearts.

  8. JoshF Says:

    For some reason I think I know what “majou” means but I can’t remember. Something to do with magic? Or is that mahou?

    (This problem could be solved easily if I took the time to look it up)

  9. JoshF Says:

    Okay, it means witch but it’s majo not majou. You tricked me!

  10. Legend has it that Japanese is also writtten in Japanese.

  11. JoshF Says:

    But that’s according to densetsu, so take it with a grain of salt.

  12. bandsxbands Says:

    Electronic memory is something that I seemingly will never have enough of. It feels like megabytes and gigabytes have become a permanent part of my every day existence. Ever since I bought a Micro SD Card for my NDS flash card, I’ve been on permanent watch for large memory at cheap prices. It’s driving me absolutely nuts.(Submitted from Fling for R4i Nintendo DS.)

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