New Sonic Rivals Pics, Metal Sonic Playable

New pics of Sonic Rivals for the PSP have popped up. The pictures show Metal Sonic as being playable, adding to the roster of ‘rivals’ that includes Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow and Silver. In addition, a boss is shown.

Check out the pictures here

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5 Comments on “New Sonic Rivals Pics, Metal Sonic Playable”

  1. HMD Says:

    Good God, man! That Metal Sonic is straight up ugly. And what’s up with that part-2D Robotnik? I know, I know, Gameplay over Graphics. But still.

    I’d have to imagine the members of Sonic Team are constantly on Suicide Watch.

  2. sickr Says:

    Metal Sonic looks and sounds pretty rad, but I wish Sonic Team would concentrate on the gameplay rather than adding aesthetically pleasing new characters.


  3. Sonic Rivals actually isn’t being developed by Sonic Team, it’s being done by the devs who made Death Jr. on the PSP (their name escapes me).

  4. JoshF Says:

    Backbone Entertainment I think.

  5. allinthemind Says:

    Thank goodness it’s not by Sonic Team is all I can say.

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