Phantasy Star Universe Hi-Def (720p) Images for the Xbox 360

I think these are the first 720p images revealed for Phantasy Star Universe for the 360.

Appearently, in addition to your regular Xbox Live account, you’ll have to pay monthly fees (10$?). :S

 Click Here for the pics

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5 Comments on “Phantasy Star Universe Hi-Def (720p) Images for the Xbox 360”

  1. allinthemind Says:

    This game looks gorgeous and I want to try it out but I don’t know. I played some of PSO: Blue Burst on pc, and maybe it was something I wasn’t doing right but I didn’t find the combat that engaging. I think it’d be funner with friends but I couldn’t find anyone. o_O

    Think I should check out PSU? It looks like a vast improvement, and I’d assume it’d be much better WITH friends. XD

    btw what’s your nick on gaf?

  2. Don’t know if you should get PSU to be honest, since I never got to play PSO online, just the offline mode. However, unlike previous Phantasy Star Online games, this one has a true single player mode and not just a watered down offline mode, I haven’t played it though, but I hear it’s full fledged.
    Like you, I didn’t really enjoy the combat in PSO.
    There’s a pretty favourable review of the Japanese PS2 version here
    I’m not much of an MMO player, but I do know if I don’t have any freinds playing with me I’ll lose interest.
    The other thing to consider is what type of community you’d be willing to play with, online PC gaming crowd differs a bit from the Xbox Live crowd. Plus there’s voice chat with 360 version (which personally I don’t like).

    I don’t have a GAF username, I just read. I tried registering before but the didn’t accept my email, since it’s at gmail. Not that it’s that much of a loss if you ask me. I get worked up at times just reading some of the stuff there (like in your Okami thread), I don’t know how you do it man.

  3. allinthemind Says:

    Why’d you get worked up? haha.

  4. I just realized how funny that sounds. lol
    I don’t exactly get worked up, it’s just that I don’t know if I have anything “constructive” to add.
    Like in those Shenmue hate threads, I really just don’t know what to say.

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