Get Your Name in Virtua Fighter 5 (Playstation 3)!

SEGA are looking to get player ring-names for the AI CPU players in the upcoming Virtua Fighter 5 for the PS3. Those who are interested can go to the game’s website and enter their names and short message, which will appear in the game if selected.

I smell a next-gen Kumite mode!

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44 Comments on “Get Your Name in Virtua Fighter 5 (Playstation 3)!”

  1. allinthemind Says:

    I love VF4, but I’m not that good. What I love about VF4 is the single player mode, whether it’s the original’s Kumite or EVO’s World Tour like mode. Especially EVO’s single player progression mode, because of the certain conditions you needed to get by.

    Excellent game.

    VF5 definitely has my interest (I so want to try out that new character..she looks so fun!) but due to the fact there’s no online mode has made me less excited. After playing DOA Ultimate online I can’t go back. Every fighter needs an online mode, and if DOA can get lag free play with it’s startling graphics, so can VF.

    Ofcourse, this wouldn’t be a problem at all if I knew people who played VF! Arg!

  2. But how lag free is DOA though? Sega have said before that online would be pointless in Virtua Fighter, since even the slightest lag would break the game. I don’t know if you know this, but the best VF players know the game frame by frame (which frames a player is vunerable during a move), and even fraction of a second makes a difference in the game because of that. I really don’t know how accurate that claim is (not that I doubt it) since I’m definetly nowhere near that level of skill, but I don’t think it would effect scrubs like us though. 🙂

    VF4 and VF4Evo were amazing games, and the Kumite/World Tour modes were the coolest single player modes I’ve ever seen in a fighting game. I’m hoping they deliver something similar with VF5 on the PS3.
    Also, the tutorial mode in VF4 really showed me how deep the game was, and showed my alot concepts in the game that I would’ve otherwise never have learned since I don’t have any arcades around, nor do the people I know play the game. It is frustrating!

  3. allinthemind Says:

    DOA had little lag at all. If there was lag, it’d last a few seconds. I was pretty damn impressed and I find that any fighting game that doesn’t have an online mode in this day and age is just using excuses.

  4. allinthemind Says:

    btw you should check out Street Fighter Alpha 3 for psx/dc. I’m sure the Alpha collections has SFA3 in it as well. Anyways, VF4 EVO’s world tour mode is taken from SFA3. It is single player fighting game genius. You can level up, fight certain conditions (such as fight 3-4 people at once), and it’s just so awesome.

    If a 3d fighter evolved what SFA3 did for single player and had a lag free online mode, it would be without a doubt the best fighting game ever.

  5. Yeah, I’ve played that mode on the PS1, and it’s also in the PSP version, but not in the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (those are similar to straight arcade ports).
    That was very cool and very fun, you could make your own ism. The closest thing that comes to that might be Blade Master mode (or whatever it’s called) that’s in Soul Calubur, since you get stronger weapons. In Virtua Fighter the stuff you get doesn’t effect the gameplay, like level you up and give or give you ablities, they just change your appearence or unlock vids. I can understand that though since it’s trying to emulate how VF4 works in the arcade (tracking stats, getting items), you kept your character and info on a card that the arcade machine would read.

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